Law School of Fujian Normal University

Based on the construction of Heisey, the Law School of Fujian Normal University (FNU) has been highly praised by the whole society because of its effective achievements of operating the school, distinctive specialty of operating the school, discipline construction, research results and personnel training.

There are six branches in the Law School, namely, basic law, civil and commercial law, criminal law, economic law, international law and procedure law. There is the Legal Research Institute of FNU, the Constitutional Research Center, the Legal Skill Experimental Center of FNU, the Legal Consultant and Aid Center of FNU students and other scientific research, practical teaching and service organizations. The law school has being improved its facilities. It is equipped with its own room of books and resources, an electronic reading room, an auditorium for academic lectures, a moot court, a legal skill lab and so on. In the room of books and resources, there are more than 20,000 books, over 100 kinds of periodicals and magazines, an information retrieval system of books, and the Chinese law retrieval system of Beijing University Trump, which realizes the automatic search and management of the information and materials on the whole.

The law school has strengthened the construction of disciplines and improved the organization of disciplines. The first level discipline of jurisdiction has been determined as the key discipline of provincial level in Fujian. There is the first level discipline of jurisdiction of master degree program and a PhD degree program of “Marxist legal theoretical and practical study” offered in the “Marxist basic theory” program. Since 2007, the Law School has obtained six programs sponsored by the national social science fund, over 40 programs sponsored by provincial or ministerial fund and ten scientific research awards of provincial level or higher. Twenty-five books have been published and a serial of academic papers have been published in “China Legal Science”, “Chinese Journal of Law”, “Tribune of Political Science and Law” and other legal leading publications. Teachers’ ability to do research is improving gradually.

Now the Law School has formed a promising group, that is, young-middle-age teachers are the main body combined with older teachers. Teachers and guess professors complement each other, and their titles, educational levels and origins show a diversity of experience. At present, there are 53 full-time teachers, of whom 28 are professors or associate professors (52% of all teachers). Most of the teachers are “double-qualified teachers” who are not only teachers but also part-time lawyers. Among them, there is an expert who enjoys special government allowances, an expert who has been elected into talented people support program in the new century sponsored by the Ministry of Education, experts who have been elected into millions of talents program in Fujian and experts of “Excellent Young Legal Talents in Fujian”. Several professors have served as directors of various national academic organizations. At the same time, the Law School engages Prof. He Qing-hua, Prof. Yang Li-Xin, Prof. Lin Lai-Fan, Prof. Zhao Wan-yi, Prof. Song Jun, Prof. You Quan-Rong, Prof. Chen Xiang-Jian, Prof.Zheng Jing-Shui, Prof. Lin Yi-ying and other distinguished professionals and scholars in the field of research and practice as guest professors or part-time professors.

The school energetically carries out an educational reform and innovates on a personnel training mode. Now it is a test unit of comprehensive reform of law discipline in Fujian. The practical teaching platform based on “three introductions and interactions” and personnel training mode characterized by “Taiwan-related legal talents’ training” have being formed. In the past five years, students of the Law School have published 415 articles. Eighteen scientific research awards have been given, of which one has been awarded silver medals in “Challenging Cup” of National Undergraduate, seven ones have been awarded the second or third prizes in “Challenging Cup” of Provincial Undergraduate. The passing rate of the Bar Examination has being growing year by year. The passing rate of graduate students is 100% and for undergraduate students, it is above 40% each year.

The Law School inherits the fine spirit of the hundred-years-old FNU and profound foundation, and establishes its running aim, namely, “to having a noble-minded personality and seeking truth, to carry forward the humanism; to advocate morality and law, to be devoted to society and the country.” Our orientation for operating the school is “to cultivate application-oriented legal talent who have an excellent legal fundamental knowledge, possess the abilities to deal with legal practical affairs and to do theoretical research, meet the need of a society ruled by law and serve the construction of the western-shore economic zone of the straits.” It plays an active role in serving the society, legal construction of Fujian and training Taiwan-related legal talents. The prospect of employment is optimistic for students of the Law School. In the past three years, graduate students’ employment rate is 100% and for undergraduates, it is above 90%. These students have good appraisals from their employers.

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